Meeting Authors

The very first book signing I ever went to was Gregg Olsen's. 
He even talked about the first story he ever made and how he would would have written it.

I was #1 in the list. I was the first one to get my books signed. 

He's cool!
Honestly, I haven't read his books at that time. I have read the blurb and I was really interested. I wasn't disappointed. It was one of the coolest books I have read. 

The next book signing was Kiera Cass'. 

I was, proudly, part of the blogger's forum, which happened before the book signing event. Yes! It's one of the perks of having a blog. 

Being with fellow bloggers was really cool. 

I was able to meet new friends, which was an amazing bonus.
At the main event! Yay! 

That time, I have read her books. We even planned on wearing our prom dresses but considering how far my house is, it was such a hassle so I just wore something sparkly. 

Next: Melissa dela Cruz, Alyson Noel, and Margaret Stohl--or as I prefer to call them "The Fab Three". Uh-huh. They are fabulous!

I haven't read her books yet but I always wanted to read it, and finding out she's a Filipina. Ugh! Amazing.

Same goes here. I haven't read her books but I want to complete the series first so I could read the whole thing. Waiting is torture. And I love how she thought my name is fabulous since we have the same name, just different spelling. (Alyson-Allison)

I have read "Beautiful Creatures" and was able to start reading "Icons" and I love it. She's super fun! I was actually hoping that she was able to drag Kami Garcia with her. 

I was able to mention that I am a Literature major and that I really want to get published soon. It was super sweet of them to tell me to update them about it. 

The next book signing I was able to go to was, and I am proud to mention this, my friend's. 

She's as crazy as I, which I was thankful for and besides she's like my Wattpad Mom. Totes!

We chat on Facebook almost every day. 

I love how her book got published. I'm really hoping that I would be next. Dreaming is free. No one can stop me! 

Next, another group of three! Ransom Riggs, Veronica Rossi, and Tahereh Mafi.

I wasn't able to go to his first book signing but there was a second time! 

I haven't read her books at that moment but I was planning to so I decided to get my precious books signed.

I was sad that Tahereh wasn't looking but it's still proof that I was there. 

Bonus that I was able to meet some of my internet friends and we bonded while waiting for our turn because there were so many people. Not exaggerating. 

This next one is awesome too--Alex London!

I freaking love how I looked. Please do notice how my arm was wrapped! Yeah. See that hand on his waist? Mine. 

Next: Madeleine Roux and Claudia Gray!

I am nothing compared to her! She looks younger than me! I have read "Asylum" and halfway "Sanctum" and I was trying to look like a rebel who could be a part of her book. Haha!

I still remember how our glasses clashed. I got too close, I guess.

We first met Madeleine then Claudia. After Claudia though, Madeleine was free. So we asked for writing tips and a group shot. 

Next, J.C. Quin (i_love_kyle). I've read two of her books and I have finally met her!

Next, Kiera Cass! AGAIN! Yep. KC visited the country once again and I was there.
That's the FIRST.
Long story on how I got in the line again for the second time. Short version would be I had to help out a friend. 

So far, these are the authors I have met. More to come! I really enjoy these events. 


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