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[Mystic Messenger] Seven x Original Character
Seven is more than the guy he appears to be in the messenger. His words could be sharp and it cut right through a fragile heart. 
Blue Boy: Finally!
[Assassination Classroom] Shiota Nagisa x Original Character 
I’m jealous of the people who get to be close to you.
Archive of Our Own

Blue Boy: Kawaii~ 
[Assassination Classroom] Shiota Nagisa x Original Character
Nothing’s wrong about being cute.

No Use Crying Over Spilled Wine
[Mystic Messenger] Jumin Han x Original Character
Jumin Han is known for being the cold-hearted CEO who only cared for his cat, but something is revealed over spilled wine.

Scared. Confused. Hurt. 
[Utaite] Soraru/Mafumafu x Original Character 
Scared. Soraru wanted nothing more than to tell her how he felt but fear made his heart its home.  
Confused. Kara gathered enough courage to confess to him but his reaction made her head spin. 
Hurt. Mafumafu's heart ached as he helped them get together when all he wished to do was tell her he loves her, but he decided to be a good friend.

Jump!!: One More Request
[Haikyuu!!] Tsukishima Kei x Original Character
"One more...please."

Jump!!: Some Nights
[Haikyuu!!] Azumane Asahi x Original Character
"I wish some nights lasted forever."

[YouTube] Jonathan Young x Original Character
Will waiting be worth it?

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